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Revolutionizing Yarn Manufacturing: Edutech Lahore Delivers Cutting-Edge Six Spindle Spinning Machine to GIK Institute

Edutech Lahore is proud to announce the successful design, development, and delivery of a state-of-the-art Lab Scale Six-Spindle Spinning Machine to the esteemed Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology.

Key Highlights

Advanced Technology:The six-spindle spinning machine is a ring-spinning marvel designed for drawing, rewinding, and rolling half-finished roving into fine yarn.
Comprehensive Yarn Manufacturing: This machine seamlessly performs three crucial actions – drafting, twisting, and package formation – simultaneously and continuously.
Exceptional Yarn Properties: The yarn produced by this machine exhibits outstanding tensile strength, elongation percentage, yarn evenness, and hairiness properties.
Versatility: The ring frame process allows the widest range of yarn count to be spun, catering to diverse manufacturing needs.

Innovative Design: The Lab Scale Six-Spindle Spinning Machine is a testament to Edutech Lahore’s commitment to advancing technology in the field of textile engineering. 

EMCA-300-8: Cutaway Model - Variable Speed Belt Drive

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