State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

WM-302 | Spot Welding Machine

  • Straight type pressing structure, high welding speed. Electro valve and gas cylinder are connected directly, increasing response and spot welding speed, reducing airflow cost.
  • Perfect pressurization speed adjustment, descending speed of machine head pressurization can be adjusted at will, which softens impact and lowers noise when pressurizing the workpiece.
  • High strength steel performance, shock-resistant, firm.
  • High power SCR element is adjusted for the main loop, stable and reliable.
Technical Specification
  • Rated input voltage (V): 20/380
  • Rated frequency (Hz): 50
  • Rated input capacity (kVA): 35/63/75
  • Duty cycle (%): 20
  • Throat depth (mm): 450/500/500
  • Max. Pressurization force (N): 6000
  • Electrode stroke (mm): 75/80/80
  • Welding thickness (carbon steel): 3+3/3.5+3.5