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WM-301 | Jominy Quench End Apparatus

Technical Specification
This apparatus is used for determining the Hardenability of steel by an experiment called Quench Test. This experiment will enable to know about the Hardenability characteristics of different alloying element. The material to be evaluated is heated uniformly on particular range of temperature for a limited time-period along with water quenching at one end which helps in measuring the hardness of the test material. After heating process, the test specimen is provided with specimen support where the action valve impinged the water on specimen so that desired water level for the nozzle is obtained. Entire test apparatus is an enclosed apparatus which comprises of electrical controls and safety devices for pumps and motor.
  • Motorized water circulation through water pump with storage and test tank.
  • Standard test piece dimensions: length, 100 ± 0.5mm , dia 25mm ± 0.5 x
  • Height of free water jet (without test piece in position) 65 ± 10mm.
  • Distance from tip of nozzle to the bottom of test piece 5 ± 0.5mm approx.
  • Inside vertical water supply pipe.
  • The nozzle, specimen holders and pipes for maintaining specific water head are included
  • Power supply
  •  Single phase 230 Volts 50 Hz A.C.