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WM-301.1 | Quench Tank Apparatus

  • The tank is made from steel. All seams are welded on both sides.
  • Four swivel casters are included. This allows you to move the tank out of the way when not using it.
  • A base coat of zinc chromate primer is covered with heavy duty epoxy paint. An 1″ NPT fitting is welded near the bottom to drain the tank. The pipe is capped.
  • The standard agitator motor. An optional explosion-proof motor is available for use around oil. The motor has a 10-foot cord to plug into a 220-volt single-phase electrical outlet.
  • A 4″ diameter impeller-type agitator ensures proper agitation of the quench media. The horsepower and impeller of the agitator are generously sized for vigorous agitation. The shaft and impeller are Stainless Steel.
  • The agitation impeller is located in a separate area from the working space. This is separated by a perforated screen to prevent damage to the impeller and as a safety precaution. This section has a bolt-on cover.
Technical Specification
The quench tank is used for the uniform quenching of hot steels. It may be used with water, light weight polymer, or optionally with oil. It is not designed for use with brine. Water or polymer must have rust inhibitors (or else tank must be stainless steel.) The features proper agitation which insures uniform quenching and disperses the bubbles of vaporized quenchant that form on the surface of the hot parts being quenched. These bubbles, if not dispersed, can cause uneven quenching times which would result in a poorly quenched part. The agitation also prevents localized overheating which, in the case of oil quench media, could cause a fire. An optional hinged lid provides a means to extinguish any potential quench oil fires and to keep quench media clean. Casters are included to make the tank easily portable.
Capacity 25 gal
Interior Size of Tank (W x H x L) 16 in x 15in x 25in
Work Dimension (W x H x L) 12 in x 12in x 24in
Exterior Dimension (W x H x L) 18-1/4 in x 39-3/4 in x 25-1/4 in
Voltage 220 V 50Hz
Phase 1
Horsepower 1/2 hp