State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

WM-110 | Forging Hammer

  • Program control, numerical input, simple operate
  • High integrated hydraulic control system, accumulator fixed directly on main valve block without any pipe connecting, improve hydraulic system efficiency and easy for maintenance
  • Advanced taper valve control, fast response, good sealing and not easy to inner leakage
  • One-piece casting steel U-frame, radial wide guide rails, to get stable and high ram guiding accuracy
  • Touch screen man-machine interface and automatic malfunction diagnosis and alarm, easy for machine operation and maintenance
  • Digitized and exacted controlling striking energy, avoid surplus energy harm during striking
  • Three inserted locating faces to avoid bolts receive force and imported locking washer is used to avoid bolts lose
  • Fully hydraulic driving system, avoid oil and air mixing
  • Swaying combine oil cylinder and thin piston rod flexible design
  • High and low pressure double anti-leakage design
  • Slow up and down in the case of releasing hydraulic system pressure to make die changing safety
  • Ram buffer is inner hydraulic buffer, to make sure safety and effective
Technical Specification
Forging hammers are used in the drop forging to form the metal between two dies. The material is placed in the lower die and then hammered with the upper one until the hot metal flows in all directions, filling the die cavity.
item unit
Striking energy KJ 63
Max. Striking frequency Min-1 80
Ram weight Kg 4350
Dropping weight Kg 5000
Total weight T 104