State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment


  • Generation of tensile and compressive forces
  • Adjustable test load and travel velocity
  • Generation of test load
  • Force measurement
  • Displacement measurement
  • LED displays for force and displacement with tare and maximum-value storage
  • Software for data acquisition
Technical Specification
A discipline of materials testing is the destructive testing method, in which specimens are mechanically tested to failure. The materials test provides data for hardness, rigidity and strength in a reproducible and precisely quantified manner. The apparatus, in conjunction with the accessories, offers experiments from destructive materials testing. The clean layout and simple operation mean the experimental sequence can be observed in all details and phases. The power of the trainer allows tests to be performed on an industrial scale. Material specification data and laws can be verified using self-determined measured values. UTN-100 KN The vertical, servo operated with direct force generation can produce both tensile and compressive forces. The height of the lower cross-member can be adjusted for coarse adjustment. Cylindrical receptacles on the cross-members allow for easy exchange of accessories. The extensive accessories provide tensile and compression tests. The test load and elongation of the specimen are measured by sensors and are displayed. The measured values are transmitted directly to a control system where they can be analyzed using the software included. UTM-100KN
Learning Objectives
  • Tensile tests
  • Compression tests
  • Plot stress–strain diagrams
  • Test force: max. 100kN
    Free installation space for specimens
  • 16 Tensile specimens
  • material: 4x Al, 4x Cu, 4x St, 4x CuZn
  • Measuring ranges
  • force: 0…100kN, graduation: 0.5kN