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TH-415 | Power Steering with Suspension Model

  • The device is designed based on the actual car front axle assembly to holistically demonstrate the structure and operation of the power steering system and front axle suspension system.
  • Theoretical teaching and maintenance training of the power steering and front axle suspension systems in secondary and senior vocational skill schools, normal education, and training institutions.
  • The device can be used for structure display, operation simulation, and assembly and disassembly training.

L x W x H (approx.): 1600 x 1300 x 1500 mm, Weight (approx.): 150 kg

Technical Specification
Power steering trainer in working conditions with fully operating McPherson suspension, for the study of the steering system. Any information used by the steering (car speed, alternator, city, steering effort) can be varied by the user. An instrument cluster and two displays show all information concerning the operation. In a vehicle, power steering or power-assisted steering is a system for steering that uses power from the engine so that it is easier for the driver to steer the vehicle. Nearly all power steering systems use fluid pressure to assist the driver in turning the front wheels.
  • Electrical power steering complete with:
  • Operating McPherson struts, rack and pinion
  • Adjustment of the steering effort directly on the rack
  • Indicator lamp and voltage/current display
  • Body computer with diagnostic socket (with low speed CAN)
  • The complete frame is rigid structure welded with shock absorption component, all the materials used for it are stable and reliable.
  • Power required 230v, 50hz, 1 phase / 12v 45 ampere