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TH-305.02 Closed Cycle Hot Air Engine

Technical Specification

The unit is for demonstration of sterling cycle hot air engine principles. The engine consists of two vertical stainless steel cylinders. The first cylinder is to generate hot air using a heater. Power to the heater can be varied. The second cylinder is to generate a mechanical power using hot air from the first cylinder. Both cylinders are attached to a common shaft, with a suitable flywheel. The hot gas cylinder head is cooled by outside water supply. Instruments are provided for measurement of input power, and output power. The advantage of this design is the ability to bring the engine to operating condition in a short time. Instruction manual is also included.

Experimental Capabilities
  • Torque vs. speed for a given input power.
  • Output and efficiency vs. speed for a given input power.
Software Diagram

The software diagram of apparatus is given bellows such as:

TH-305.02 Closed Cycle Hot Air Engine
  • Heater: 500 W max.
  • Maximum power (mechanical): Approx. 900 mW.
  • Measuring instruments - Torque: Mechanical dynamometer with spring balance, belt, and weights.
  • Speed: Portable tachometer.
  • Sensors with digital display: Voltage and current of input power.