State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

TH-300.1 | Four Stroke Single Cylinder Petrol Engine

  • Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine
  • Engine mounted on a base plate with vibration dampers
  • Engine completely equipped with fuel line, throttle cable, and exhaust
  • Fuel hose with self-sealing quick-release coupling
Technical Specification
The engine is highly suitable for investigation of different compression ratios, ignition timing adjustment and an adjustable jet nozzle. The engine used here is an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine with external carburation. A modified cylinder head permits experiments with various combustion chamber inserts and compression ratios. To adjust the mixture composition, the carburetor was modified. It is fitted with a manual adjustment to adjust the ignition timing – from advanced to retarded.
Air-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection:
  • Cold Style: Air Cooled.
  • Cylinder: Single Cylinder.
  • 13 hp
  • 4-Stroke
  • Vd= 389 cc
  • Bore= 88 mm
  • Stroke= 64 mm
  • Number of cylinder =1
  • Speed=3600 rpm max.
  • Compression ratio = 8.2:1