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TH-200.1 | Four Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

  • Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine
  • Engine mounted on a base plate
  • Engine complete with fuel hose
Technical Specification
The four-stroke diesel engine is highly suitable for use in teaching the fundamentals of engine functioning and measurement. The engine used here is an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with direct injection. The diesel engine is started and slowed down by an electric motor mounted in the unit. The air cooling is effected by a flywheel fan.
Air-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection:
  • Cold Style: Air Cooled.
  • Cylinder: Single Cylinder.
  • Power: 10 hp
  • Stroke: Four
  • Vd= 418 cc
  • Bore= 86 mm
  • Stroke= 72 mm
  • Number of cylinder =1
  • Speed=3600 rpm max.
  • Compression ratio = 19:1