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TH-110 | Engine Test Stand

  • Test and repair new, used, and rebuilt engines without any problems
  • Interchangeable frame mounts to house most domestic and foreign engines
  • Collapsible and can be stored away in just a couple of minutes
  • The perfect engine test stand for professionals, by professionals
  • Comes preassembled with everything you want and need in an engine test stand, including a completely wired dashboard
  • Frame Assembly & Components are powder-coated & plated
  • 3 Gallon Fuel Tank & Mounting

L x W x H: 1625 x 840 x 1550 mm

Technical Specification
Our engine test stands store in a vertical position quickly when not in use and assemble for use in minutes. They can be used for camshaft break-in, leak detection, tuning, adjustments, and much more. If you need to start that used engine or stored engine, is the best universal run stand! Complete external repairs without removing the engine, and then re-test the engine on the test stand adapts to fuel injected, supercharged, and turbo-charged engines makes it easy to test-run and heat-cycle engines as much as you need to. When you're looking for Engine Test Stand.
  • Extended Professional Series Stand
  • The Leader in Engine Stands by building the strongest most reliable
  • Testing your engine with ease. Rated Test Engine Stand on the market.
  • The Professional Series Engine Test Stand
Engine base structure
  • Caster Wheel (2x) 6″
  • polyurethane with steel hubs and grease able,
  • Rotational wheel (2x) 6″
  • polyurethane with steel hubs and grease able
  • help to easily rotate the engine
  • Radiator fitting port (2x) (adjustable),
  • Used to mount the radiator assembly
  • Front & rear Cross member (2x),
  • Adjustable, easily suitable according to the engine mounting
  • Bell housing brackets(2x) (adjustable),
  • Used to mount the engine without gearbox housing
  • T bracket (adjustable),
  • Used to support the gearbox
  • Base frame
  • Engine Cross Pedestrian
  • Accessories bracket
  • Engine Race Assembly
  • Radiator mount system
  • Tool Tray/ Handle
  • Dash-Board
  • LED
  • Master Switch
  •    Rpm Gauge
  • Voltage Gauge
  • Oil pressure Gauge
  • Water Temperature Gauge
  • Fan (ON/OFF) switch
  • Fuel Pump (ON/OFF) switch
  • Coil Power (ON/OFF) switch