State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

SM-214 | Three Hinge Arch

  • Visual reality of Three Hinged Arch
  • Unrestricted loading positions along arch span
  • Symmetrical & Unsymmetrical arches supplied
  • Two-point loads, can be joined to form rolling load
  • Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) bars supplied
  • LxWxH: 530x240x140 mm
  • Weight: approx. 18 kg
Technical Specification
A 1.0 meter flat bridge deck is formed using two symmetrical arches. The arches have springing's (hinges) at their outer most ends and at the crown (center), thus creating the three hinges. The left-hand springing is held in position whilst allowing rotational movement of the arch section. The right-hand springing allows the arch section to rotate and move horizontally against a load cell on a track plate. The load cell measures the horizontal thrust created when a Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) or tandem load is applied to the arch bridge deck. The horizontal thrust from the load cell is measured using the Interface. The tandem load simulates a rolling vehicle, and can be dismantled to produce two-point loads of different magnitude. Two arch arrangements are supplied. One being a symmetrical arch and the other being an unsymmetrical arch. Both being easily interchangeable. The arch bridge deck allows for unrestricted positioning of the loads along the arch span.
SM-214 | Three Hinge Arch Microcontroller based electronics system fully instrumented and computer controlled via USB / Ethernet interface /WiFi to record / set process parameters and to perform related force calculations. (Computer not include). The experiments are carried out more effectively. The final result reliability is much higher without doubt, therefore the work done by the researcher possess a higher credibility.
Data Storage
The data are stored in a data base either in file format supported by third party software. The data can be represented both numeric format or graphic format like their trends and distributions independently the way it is used. As being available for the users anytime allows different tests to be compared and reach conclusion more truthful.
  • Relationship between horizontal thrust at arch springing for varying applied loads
  • Understand characteristics of symmetrical & unsymmetrical three pinned arch
  • Simulation of vehicle passing over arch using tandem rolling load
  • Comparison of theory with experimental results
  • Influence line for horizontal thrust
  • Use of influence line for a tandem rolling load
  • Symmetric Arch (left & right)
  • Rise= 200mm
  • Span= 1000mm
  • 1x Un symmetric Arch
  • Rise= 250mm
  • Span= 750mm
  • 1x Load cell
  • measures horizontal thrust
  • range; 0…500N
  • Rolling loads of
  • 1x 10N
  • 1x 25N
  • 1x rolling load link
  • 8x UDL bars supplied: 12.5N/m each
  • 1x Level
  • 1x Tape measure Accessories
  • 1x Hex Wrench
  • 1x Instruction manual
  • 1x Complete Software
  • 1x Dedicated e-book
  • 1x Packing list
  • 1x Test sheet