State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

SM-106 | Impact Testing Machine 300J

  • Charpy notched-bar impact test with increased work capacity
  • Pendulum impact tester based on industrial standards
  • Brake to reduce the residual energy
  • Safe operation thanks to two-handed release of the hammer
  • Required protective cover for pendulum impact tester
  • Scale for displaying the notched-bar impact work
  • LxWxH: 800x600x1460mm (Approx.)
  • Weight: approx. 360kg
Technical Specification
The tester is equipped with a falling pendulum hammer, able to break, with a single blow, a sample carved in the middle and positioned on two supports. The test is carried out on a Charpy sample in order to check the energy absorbed during the impact, which is measured in joule. The value stands for the impact strength of the material (resilience). The impact test is a widely used test method with which to quickly and easily determine characteristics for a material or component analysis. The impact tester designed for the Charpy notched-bar impact test. The clean layout and simple operation mean the experimental sequence can be observed in all details and phases. In this experiment, the hammer attached to a pendulum arm describes an arc. At the lowest point of the hammer path, the hammer transfers part of its kinetic energy to the notched specimen. The specimen is either destroyed or bent by the impact and pushed between the supports. The notched-bar impact work required to deform the specimen is read directly off a large scale. By using optional data acquisition, the measured values can be transferred to a PC where they can by analyzed with the software. In order to vary the output energy, the mass of the hammer can be changed by adding or removing weights. A brake reduces the residual energy of the hammer. The required protective cover for the operating area allows the experiments to be conducted safely. The hammer is triggered with two hands for safer operation. The experimental results allow quality control and an analysis of the fracture behavior of different metallic materials. Non-metallic specimens can also be used.
Pendulum impact tester work capacity
  • 150Nm
  • 300Nm (with extra weights)
  • weight: 9.9kg and 19.8kg (with extra weights)
  • extra weights: 4x 2.5kg
  • impact velocity: 5.5m/s
  • pendulum length: 840mm
  • angle of fall: 150°
Supports for specimens
  • gap: 40mm
Notched bar impact specimens, ISO V
  • L x W: 10x10mm
Specimen material
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel