State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

SM-105 | Tensile Testing Machine 30kn

  • High accuracy Load cell, Encoder
  • Reading resolution can be 1/300000 of full range
  • Speed Servo control
  • Test result real-time and peak value indicating
  • Data save and test result
  • LxWxH: 795 x 1,515 x 495 approx.
Technical Specification
A solid understanding of the properties of materials is essential for technical and scientific professions. This knowledge helps select the suitable material, monitor production and processing and ensure the requirements in terms of a component. The materials test provides the necessary data in a reproducible and precisely quantified manner. The experimental unit has been developed specifically for experiments in small groups and is characterized by a clear design, simple operation and accessories that are easy to exchange. The tensile specimens are clamped between the upper cross member and the crosshead. The test force is generated by means of a servo-controlled system and displayed on screen. A load cell measures the elongation of the specimens. The experimental unit can also be equipped with electronic force and displacement measurement.
Learning Objectives
  • Tensile tests
  • Plot stress–strain diagrams
  • Test force: max. 30kN
  • Type: Table Top
  • Testing Speed: 0.00005 to 540 mm/min
  • Installation space for specimen: 460x420mm
  • Test force measurement accuracy: accurate to within ±1% of indicated force
  • 16 Tensile specimens
  • material: 4x Al, 4x Cu, 4x St, 4x MS
  • Measuring ranges
  • Travel graduation: 0,01mm