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Ring Spinning Frame (6 spindle)

  • The roving obtained from simplex machine gets used as input material in the ring frame process.
  • Three actions (drafting, twisting, and package formation) are performed simultaneously and continuously in the ring frame process.
  • The material is drafted so many times of its length according to yarn count to be spun.
  • After drafting, a required amount of twist is inserted into the fibres strand to hold the fibres together strongly.
  • The yarn gets wound onto the ring bobbin.
  • The widest range of yarn count can be spun on the ring frame. The yarn produced on the ring frame machine has very good tensile strength, elongation percentage, yarn evenness, and hairiness properties.
  • LxWxH: 600x710x2300mm
  • Weight: approx. 245kg
Technical Specification
Six spindle spinning machine is a ring-spinning machine that draws, rewinds, or rolls half-finished roving into a fine yarn. The roving can be made into fine yarn by the drafting; the roving and tenting of the roving yarn can be made into fine yarn by the drawing and tenting of the fine gauze machine; the combing machine can comb the fibers into fine comb strips; the needle combing machine can combine the strips. Ring spinning machine is the main machine of spinning, and the output and quality of spinning is a comprehensive reflection of the advantages and  disadvantages of each process of spinning process. The basic function of the ring-spinning frame is drafting. Drafting is carried out to such an extent as to achieve the desired fineness of the yarn. The final yarn produced after drafting and twisting is wound on special ring bobbins also called cops. The build of the package kept is such that it is suitable for storage, transportation, and further processing.
Ring frame main components
  • Roving bobbins
  • Rovings
  • Bobbin holder
  • Guide bars
  • Drafting zone
  • Fiber strands
  • Yarn guide eyelet
  • Spindle
  • Traveller
  • Ring
  • Motor and inverter for spindle rotation 1hp, 2800rpm
  • 3 x stepper motors with drives for drafting rollers, 3.5A
  • 1 x stepper motors with drives for Lifting of ring rail, 3.5A
  • Vacuum pump-800W, 0-18,000 rpm
  • DC Power supply 20A, Volt: 24V