State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

HT-804 | HT-804 Multi Heat Exchanger With Das

  • Investigation and comparison of five different heat exchangers
  • Parallel flow or counter flow can be set via valves
  • Flow rates can be adjusted via valves
  • Electromagnetic flow meter for hot and cold water
  • Portable differential pressure sensor for water
  • Fixed differential pressure sensor for air, to determine the volumetric flow rate
  • Digital displays for temperature, pressure differences, and flow rate
  • Hot water generator and water chiller available
  • Software for data acquisition under Windows 8.1, 10
  • LxWxH: 2010x800x1760mm
  • Weight: approx. 250kg
Technical Specification
Different types of heat exchanger are used depending on requirements in order to ensure efficient heat transfer and avoid losses. The trainer is used to study and compare five different heat exchangers. Both parallel flow and counter flow operation are demonstrated, with their different temperature curves. In the plate, tubular and shell & tube heat exchangers, heat is transferred between hot and cold water in tubes or between plates. In the finned tube heat exchanger, the air flows around pipes with hot water in crossflow. In the stirred tank with double jacket and coiled tube, either the outer jacket or the inner coiled tube can be filled with hot water. A stirring machine ensures that the water inside the tank is mixed to achieve an even heat distribution. The air volume flow for studying the finned tube heat exchanger is adjusted via a throttle valve at the fan outlet. Valves are used to switch between parallel flow and counter flow. The flow rate in the hot water or cold water circuit can also be adjusted by means of valves. The air volume flow is measured with a fixed differential pressure sensor. The water pressure can be measured at different points using a portable differential pressure sensor. Temperatures and flow rates are also measured. The measured values are read from digital displays and can be transmitted simultaneously via USB directly to a PC where they can be analysed using the software included. Hot and cold water is supplied either from the laboratory network or by means of the optional accessories hot water generator and water chiller.
Plate heat exchanger, (water-water)
  • number of plates: 10
  • heat transfer area: approx. 0,26m2
  • output: 15kW
Tubular heat exchanger (water-water)
  • heat transfer area: 0,1m2
Shell & tube heat exchanger (water-water)
  • output: 13kW
Finned tube heat exchanger (water-air)
  • heat transfer area: approx. 2,8m2
  • fan max. flow rate: 780m3/h
  • fan max. pressure difference: 430Pa
Stirred tank with double jacket and coiled tube (water-water)
  • double jacket heat transfer area: 0,16m2
  • coiled tube heat transfer area: 0,17m2
Measuring ranges differential pressure
  • 1x 0…10mbar (air)
  • 1x 0…1000mbar (water)
  • flow rate: 2x 0…3m3/h
  • temperature: 10x 0…100°C=