State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

HT-104 Water to Air Heat Transfer Apparatus

  • Length: 1730 mm
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Height: 1900 mm
  • Weight: 220 kg
Technical Specification
Tubular heat exchangers are often used for heating or cooling gaseous media, such as air coolers for internal combustion engines. Hot water flows in the tubes, which are surrounded by a flowing gaseous medium, e.g. cold air. The hot medium emits some of its thermal energy to the cold medium. The tubes are fitted with fins in order to increase the heat transfer surface and thus improve the convective heat transfer.The trainer is used for quantitative investigations on a finned-tube heat exchanger using the media hot water and cold air.
Experimental Capabilities
  • Familiarization with the heat transfer process between water and air.
  • Determination of heat flows from water and air.
  • Determination of the efficiency or losses.
  • Energy balances at the heat exchanger.
  • Plot pump characteristic.
Labeled Diagram
The labeled diagram of the apparatus is given bellows such as: HT-104 Water to Air Heat Transfer Apparatus
  • Fan.
  • Air duct with temperature measuring points.
  • Heat exchanger.
  •  Flow meter.
  • Pressure sensor.
  • Water tank.
  • Pump.
  • Heater with thermostat.
  • Displays and controls.
  • Finned-tube heat exchanger:
  • Material: Cu/Al.
  • Average transfer surface: 2.80m2(air side).
  • Output: 2kW.
  • Water temperature: 70°C.
  • Pump:
  • Power consumption: 470W.
  • Flow rate: 4.2m3/h.
  • Head: 20.5m.
  • Fan:
  • Power consumption: 0.25kW.
  • Flow rate: 13m3/min.
  • Pressure difference: 430Pa.
  • Water tank: 28L.
  • Heater: 2kW.
  • Thermostat: max. 80°C.
  • Measuring ranges:
  • Temperature: 4x 0…100°C.
  • Flow rate: water 0…6m3/h.
  • Pressure: water 0…4bar abs.