State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

HL-100 | Flume Flow Apparatus

  • Floor standing unit.
  • Manual control: User should be able to operate flow, depth, tilt and other parameters.
  • Automatic control: Required parameters could be set (e.g depth, inclination etc.), display all results (e.g. flow rate, pressure, tanks levels, pump state, weir position, etc.).
  • USB interface
  • The software includes sophisticated sampling, calibration and graph plotting facilities including the ability to save and export the data in Microsoft Excel format
  • Electronic speed control for the flow channel pump.
  • Speed control of circulating pump.
  • Floor loads
  • Vibration and noise control
  • Warranty
  • Manual
  • Length: 10 m (effective length)
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Depth: 800 mm
Technical Specification
The experimental flume unit is the largest one. The flow velocities that can be achieved in the experimental flume, and the long length of the experimental section, are the perfect conditions for designing your own projects. These projects can be very close approximations of reality. The experimental section is 10m long and has a cross-section of 600x800mm, also 500x600mm configuration available. The side walls of the experimental section are made of tempered glass, which allows excellent observation of the experiments. All components that come into contact with water are made of corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel, glass reinforced plastic). The inlet element is designed so that the flow enters the experimental section with very little turbulence. The closed water circuit consists of a series of water tanks and two powerful pumps. The tanks are included in the system in such a way that they also serve as a gallery which you can stand on. The user can thus comfortably reach any part of the experimental section. The experimental flume has a motorised inclination adjustment to allow simulation of slope and to create a uniform flow at a constant discharge depth. HL-100 | Flume Flow Apparatus The experimental flume is equipped with a comprehensive range of functions for measurement, control and operation that are controlled by a PLC. Two freely positionable touch panels display the measured values and operating states and can be used to control the system. At the same time, the measured values can be transmitted directly to monitor for distant reading and to a PC via USB where they can be analysed with the software. A wide selection of models, such as weirs, piers, flow-measuring flumes or a wave generator are available as accessories and ensure a comprehensive programme of experiments. Most models are quickly and safely bolted to the bottom of the experimental section.
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC,
  • Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC,
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC.
  • Sharp crested weir (with aeration pipe)
  • Rectangular notch weir
  • Trapezoidal notch weir
  • 90º vee notch weir
  • 60º vee notch weir
  • Rectangular sharp cornered weir
  • Rectangular streamlined weir
  • Venturi flume
  • Ogee weir and
  • Current meter
  • Pitot tube
  • Honey comb for reducing turbulence in the entrance region
  Power 220V/3Ph/50-60Hz Pump
  • Variable speed centrifugal pumps.
  • Provided with performance curves.
  • Mechanism/device for air removal from pump.
  • Flow rate: Range 1500 L/min – 2000 L/min
Flow meter
In addition to electronic discharge measurement, a notch should be installed in discharge tank to calibrate the flow or to provide the flowrate when the flow meter is malfunctioning. A calibration of flow rate must be demonstrated.
  • Stainless steel features: Grade 304
  • EN 10088-2- Stainless steel for general purposes.
  • EN 10296-2- Stainless steel welded tubes Glass
  • Toughened (CE Marked)
  • Exposed edges ground and rounded off. Fastenings
  • BS EN ISO 3506-1/2:2009 Sealant
  • Clear Silicone AP
  • Tensile strength 2 – 2.3 MPa
  • Shore Hardness A
Wave Generator
  • Piston type wave generator
  • Computer controlled complete with control system and wave generation software and dedicated PC;
  • Capacity to generate regular, irregular, solitary waves; for offshore studies; shallow water problems; breakwaters, sea walls and beach behavior studies; fundamental research.
  • Complete with ability to model customized or user defined waves.
  • Wave absorption system.
  • Manufactured from high quality stainless steel to minimize maintenance.
  • A beach to minimize splashing from paddle movement.
Data Package and Instrumentation
  • Data logging and instrumentation system.
  • Electronic inclinometer to measure slope of bed.
  • Electronic manometer to measure pressure at least 10 locations.
  • Single low range differential pressure sensor.
  • 2 Voltage input channels for use with their instrumentation,
  • Range: ± 5Volts for use with Velocity meter and Wave probe.
  • Voltage inputs should be scaled to engineering units in the software.