State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

FM-502 | Flow Meter Apparatus

  • Rotameter as accessory for Hydraulic Bench
  • Conical tube through which flow passes, tube made of transparent PA
  • Flow rate readable on scale via position of float and from display of the transducer
  • Connections to facilitate pressure loss measurement with the Hydraulic Bench
  • Operation with water
  • Vertical installation
  • All connections rated for Hydraulic Bench
  • LxWxH: 820x270x140mm
  • Weight: approx. 6kg
Technical Specification
The rotameter is installed in the water circuit of the Hydraulic Bench. The rotameter float is housed in a conical tube made of transparent PA which opens out in the direction of flow. The flow resistance of the float causes it to be subjected to an upward force. This force counteracts the downward gravitational force of the float. The float moves vertically until equilibrium is established between the two forces. The resultant position of the float provides information about the flow rate. The flow rate can be read from the position of the float on the scale. In addition a transducer is mounted on the side of the housing of the rotameter. The transducer detects the position of the float and transmits it as an electrical signal. The measured value can be read directly on an integrated display.
  • integrated permanent magnet
  • chain of reed swichtes
  • Pipe connections: DN 32
  • Auxiliary power: 24VDC
  • flow rate: 200…2500L/h