State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

FM-434 | Laminar Flow Demonstration

  • Visualisation of streamlines
  • Water as flowing medium and ink as contrast medium
  • Upper glass plate, hinged for interchanging models
  • Bottom plate with water connections for generating sources/sinks
  • Sources/sinks can be combined as required
  • Different drag bodies and changes in cross-section included
  • Rubber plate for creating your own models included
  • Flow velocity, water supply and water drain in sources/sinks as well as dosage of the contrast medium can be adjusted by using valves
  • Water supply using base module or via laboratory supply
  • Dimensions: 640x520x520mm
  • Weight: approximately 24kg
Technical Specification
The laminar, two-dimensional flow in is a good approximation of the flow of ideal fluids: the potential flow. It can be used to visualise streamline fields for flows around drag bodies and flow through changes in cross-section. The streamlines are displayed in colour by injecting a contrast medium (ink). Sources and sinks are generated via four water connections in the bottom plate. The streamlines can be clearly observed through the glass plate during flow around and flow through. The water flow rate and the quantity of contrast medium injected can be adjusted by valves. The water connections are also activated by valves and can be combined as required. Individual models can be cut out of a rubber plate that is included. The experimental unit is positioned easily and securely on the work surface of the base module. The water is supplied. Alternatively, the experimental unit can be operated by the laboratory supply.
Learning Objectives
  • Visualisation of streamlines in
  • Flow around drag bodies
  • Flow through changes in cross-section
  • Influence of sources and sinks
Flow chamber contains two plates
  • distance between the plates: 2mm
  • upper plate made of glass
  • bottom glass plate with four water connections for sources/sinks
  • size experiment area: LxW: 400x280mm
  • 10 drag bodies and changes in cross-section
Rubber plate for your own models
  • LxH: 300x400mm
  • thickness: 2mm
Injection of the contrast medium (ink)
  • 15 holes
  • Tank for contrast medium: 500mL