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FM-433 | Energy Losses in Pipe Apparatus

  • The unit has two manometers, Bourdon type: 0 – 2.5 bar and twelve manometric pipes of pressurized water. The system pressurization is carried out with a manual air pump.
  • The hydraulic circuit has pressure tapping’s along the whole system, which enable to measure the local load losses in the system.
  • This unit has two membrane valves, a valve which enables the regulation of the outlet flow, and a valve placed in series with the rest of accessories of the hydraulic circuit.
  • Length: 630mm
  • Width: 330mm
  • Height: 830mm
Technical Specification
The Energy Losses in Bends unit, allows to measure and compare the head losses produced by different singular elements: bends, section changes and valves, as well as to study the influence of the flow rate on the value of such losses. This unit can work with the Hydraulics Bench. This unit consists of a hydraulic circuit with a set of elements that disrupt the normal flow of the fluid that circulates by the pipe, due to sudden section and direction variations. The experimental unit is positioned easily and securely on the work surface of the base module. The water is supplied and the flow rate measured. Alternatively, the experimental unit can be operated by the laboratory supply.
  • 12 tube manometer banks
  • Multi-tube 300mm of WC to 350 mm WC
  • Pressure Gauge
  •  2 pieces
  • Pipe diameter (inner)
  •  10mm to 20 mm
  • outer diameter
  •  20mm to 30mm
  • Enlargement pipe diameter (inner)
  •  20mm to 25mm
  • outer diameter
  • 30mm to 40 mm
  • Contraction diameter
  • 10mm to 20mm
  • 45˚ elbow, 90˚ elbow, Sharp bend, small bend
  • Contraction and enlargement