State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

FM-430 | Hydraulic Bench Apparatus

  • Base module for supplying experimental units in fluid mechanics
  • Closed water circuit with storage tank, submersible pump and measuring tank
  • Measuring tank divided in two for volumetric flow rate measurements
  • Measuring beaker with scale for very small volumetric flow rates
  • Measurement of volumetric flow rates by using a stopwatch
  • Work surface with integrated flume for experiments with weirs
  • Work surface with inside edge for safe placement of the accessory and for collecting the dripping water
  • LxWxH: 1230x770x1070mm
  • Weight: approx. 85kg
Technical Specification
A Hydraulic Bench is a self-contained water supply device that allows recirculating water from a Sump Tank into different hydraulic devices. A centrifugal Pump moves water from the Sump Tank through a hose into a Water Inlet at the top of the bench. This Water Inlet point can be used to attach close-conduit devices (e.g., a Venturi meter), or fitted with a device to allow flow into a small flume for open-channel flow tests (e.g., Weir Plate tests). The measuring tank is stepped, for larger and smaller volumetric flow rates. A measuring beaker is used for very small volumetric flow rates. The top work surface enables the various experimental units to be easily and safely positioned. Flow meter provides fluid flow rate.
  • Adjustable Depth gauge for measurement of water head
  • Rectangular and triangular notches compatible with the hydraulic bench
  • Submersible Pump
  •  power consumption: 500-800W
  •  flow rate: >100L/min
  •  head: 32 m
  • Storage tank
  •  capacity: 180L
  • Measuring tank
  •  at large volumetric flow rates: 40L
  •  at small volumetric flow rates: 10L
  • Flume
  •  LxWxH: 530x150x180mm
  • Measuring beaker with scale for very small volumetric flow rates
  •  capacity: 2-5L
  • Stopwatch
  •  measuring range: 0…9h 59min 59sec
  • 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase