State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

FM-405.1 | Particle Drag Coefficients Apparatus

  • 2 transparent cylinders
  • Marking of the measuring section
  • Cover with guide tube to insert the sphere
  • Sluice to remove the spheres from the cylinder
  • 10 spheres of various densities and diameters
  • 2 aerometers to determine the density of the fluids
  • Stopwatch to measure the sedimentation time
  • Dimensions: 720x640x1650mm
  • Weight: Approximately 45kg
Technical Specification
The settling velocity of solids in fluids is an important factor in fluid mechanics and process engineering. For example, the settling velocity is the decisive factor when planning sedimentation tanks for water treatment. It contains two transparent cylinders for comparative examinations. The two cylinders enable comparing the influence of the sphere diameter, sphere density and different fluids on the settling velocity. Guide tubes in the cover of the two cylinders enable safe insertion of the sphere. Two O-rings per cylinder mark the measuring section. At the lower end of the cylinder there is a sluice through which the spheres can be removed again without significant loss of fluid. A stopwatch measures the sedimentation time. Two arometers with different measuring ranges enable the determination of the fluid densities.
Learning Objectives
  • Diameter of the sphere
  • Density of the sphere
  • Density of the fluid
  • Viscosity of the fluid
2 cylinders
  • inner Ø: 92mm each
  • height: 1330mm each
  • sink height: 1000mm each
  • aluminium (density: 2,7kg/dm3)
  • 2x 5mm Ø
  • 2x 10mm Ø
polyoxymethylene (POM), density: 1,41kg/dm3
  • 2x 5mm Ø
  • 2x 10mm Ø
polyamide (PA), density: 1,13kg/dm3
  • 2x 10mm Ø
Measuring ranges
  • density: 1x 0,8…1,0kg/dm3, 1x 1,0…1,2kg/dm3