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FM-301.01 Multipurpose Air Duct and Heat Transfer Unit

Technical Specification
In many industrial production processes, as well as in the air conditioning of buildings, heat transfer takes place with the assistance of air flow. In these cases, convective heat transfer is determined by the temperature differences of the media involved and the flow. The  trainer studies convective heat transfer on various pipe surfaces. The flow movement takes place by forced convection. An insulated air duct with fan serves as the measuring section. A streamlined inlet element and a flow straightener in the air duct provide a homogeneous flow for conducting the experiment. The volumetric flow rate is set via a throttle valve at the fan outlet and measured by a measuring nozzle at the inlet into the air duct. Heat exchangers with different tube surfaces can be used in the air duct. Heat exchangers with smooth tubes, finned tubes or a refrigerant evaporator are available as accessories. The air duct includes two windows to observe the experiments. Combined sensors measure the temperature and relative humidity at the inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger. Pressures upstream and downstream of the measuring section are also recorded in order to determine the pressure loss at the heat exchanger. The velocity distribution in the air duct is measured by a Pitot tube. The temperatures, pressures and relative humidity are displayed digitally.
Experimental Capabilities
  • Experiments without accessories:
  • Recording the fan characteristic.
  • Velocity distribution in the air duct.
  • Experiments with accessories
  • Heat transfer with plain tubes.
  • Heat transfer with finned tubes.
  • Heat transfer on refrigerant evaporator.
Labeled Diagram
The labeled diagram of apparatus is given bellows such as:   FM-301.01 Multipurpose Air Duct and Heat Transfer Unit
  • Fan with throttle valve.
  • Inclined tube manometer.
  • Differential pressure sensor.
  • Streamlined inlet.
  • Pressure measurement via measuring nozzle.
  • Air duct with windows.
  • Measuring section for exchangeable accessories.
  • Pitot tube.
  • Displays and controls.
  • Air duct for studying heat transfer in air flows.
  • Insulated air duct with flow straightener and streamlined inlet.
  • Determination of the volumetric flow rate of the air via differential pressure at the measuring nozzle.
  • Fan with adjustable flow rate.
  • Movable Pitot tube with inclined tube manometer for measuring velocity distributions.
  • Combined temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Digital displays of differential pressure, temperature and relative air humidity.
  • Various heat exchangers available as accessories.