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FM-201 | Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus

  • Functioning of a surge chamber
  • Pipe section with ball valve and surge chamber
  • Surge chamber designed as transparent PMMA tank
  • Pressure sensor behind the water chamber for measuring the pressure wave
  • Pipe section with solenoid valve and two pressure sensors for measuring water hammer
  • Volumetric flow measurement via measuring tank of the supply unit
  • Representation of the pressure curves with software
  • Flow rate determined by FM-430 hydraulic bench
  • Water supply using FM-430 Hydraulic Bench or via laboratory supply
  • Length: 6800 mm
  • Width: 820 mm
  • Height: 2000 mm
Technical Specification
In structures such as hydroelectric power plants, or in systems for supplying water, changes in flow rate result in pressure fluctuations. For example, during startup and shutdown of hydraulic machines or by opening and closing shut-off elements. There is a distinction to be made between rapid pressure changes that propagate with high velocity (water hammer) and slow pressure changes caused by mass oscillations. Pipeline systems use air vessels or surge chambers to dampen water hammer and mass oscillations. This unit is used to generate and visualise water hammer in pipes and to demonstrate how a surge chamber works. The trainer contains a pipe section with a ball valve and a surge chamber and a second pipe section with a solenoid valve. The experimental unit is connected to the FM-430 Hydraulic Bench. The water is supplied and the flow rate measured by FM-430 Hydraulic Bench. Alternatively, the experimental unit can be operated by the laboratory supply.
Pipe section for pressure oscillations
  • Copper
  • length: 5875mm, Ø, inner: 26mm
  • ball valve
  • surge chamber, PMMA
  • height: 825mm
  • Ø, inner: 50mm
Pipe section for water hammer
  • Copper
  • length: 5875mm, Ø, inner: 26mm
  • distance between sensors: 3000mm
  • solenoid valve, constant closing time: 20…30ms
  • Tank: 50L
Supply unit
  • power consumption: 250W
  • flow rate: 150L/min
  • head: 7.6m
  • storage tank: 180L
  • measuring tank: 60L
Measuring ranges
  • Pressure: 2x 0…10bar (pipe section)
  • Pressure: 0…0,3bar (surge chamber)