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FM-116 | Flow Channel

  • Compatible with FM-430 Hydraulic Bench
  • Demonstrates basic phenomena associated with open channel flow
  • Visualizes flow patterns over or around an immersed object
  • LxWxH: 850x300x500mm
Technical Specification
The channel consists of a clear acrylic working section of large depth-to-width ratio incorporating undershot and overshot weirs at the inlet and discharge ends respectively. Water is fed to the streamlined channel entry via a stilling tank to reduce turbulence. Water discharging from the channel is collected in the volumetric tank of the hydraulics bench and returned to the sump for re-circulation. FM-116 | Flow Channel A dye injection mechanism integrated at the entrance of the channel facilitates flow visualization in tandem with a grid pattern situated on the rear surface of the channel. Models supplied with the channel include broad and sharp-crested weirs, large and small-diameter cylinders and symmetrical and asymmetrical aerofoils. These in conjunction with the inlet and discharge weirs, permit a varied range of open channel and flow visualization demonstrations, Adjustable feet permit leveling.
  • small cylinder: Ø 35mm
  • large cylinder: Ø 60mm
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical aerofoils.
  • broad-crested weir
  • sharp-crested weir
FM-116 | Flow Channel
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC,
  •  Flume LxWxH: 625x20x150mm
  • Contrast medium: ink
  • 7 nozzles
  • Tank for water: 12.5L
  • Tank for ink: 200mL
  • Diameter of test pipe: 3.0mm
  • Length of test pipe: 760mm