State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

EM-408 | Vibration Trainer

  • Vibration trainer with experiments on damping, resonance, dual-mass system, and vibration absorption
  • 6 pendulum oscillators, 2 bar-type oscillators, and 1 spring-mass oscillator
  • Electrical imbalance exciter
  • Control unit for the imbalance exciter with a digital frequency display and a TTL output for triggering external devices
  • Tunable absorber with a leaf spring
  • Adjustable oil damper
  • Electrically operated drum recorder for recording free vibrations
  • Polar chart recorder for determining the amplitude and phase of forced vibrations
  • LxWxH: 1010x760x1800mm
  • Frame opening WxH: 870x650mm
Technical Specification
Mechanical vibrations are usually found as an unwanted side effect in many areas of engineering. Examples include vehicle vibrations on uneven roads or engine vibrations. Vibration theory is a particularly challenging area in the field of mechanics. The vibration trainer can be used to study many topics from the field of vibration theory through experimentation. The topics range from simple pendulum-swinging forced vibrations with resonance to vibration absorption. The central element of the vibration trainer is a sturdy profile frame, to which the different experimental setups are easily attached. The extensive accessories are housed in a mobile laboratory table with drawers. In addition to free vibrations, forced vibrations can also be represented by means of an electric motor imbalance exciter. The excitation frequency is set and displayed on a control unit. An oil damper allows the study of damped vibrations with adjustable damping ratios. Vibration absorbing is demonstrated with a tune able bending oscillator. A mechanical drum and a polar chart recorder make it possible to record vibrations. The measured values can be displayed and analysed on a PC using the optional unit for data acquisition.
Beam, rigid: LxWxH: 700x25x12mm, 1,6kg Beam, elastic: LxWxH: 700x25x4mm, 0,6kg
Tension-pressure springs
  • 0,75N/mm
  • 1,5N/mm
  • 3,0N/mm
Imbalance exciter
  • 0…50Hz
  • 100cmg
Oil damper: 5…15Ns/m
  • leaf spring: WxH: 20x1,5mm
  • total mass: approx. 1,1kg
  • tunable: 5…50Hz
Drum recorder:
20mm/s, width 100mm
Polar chart recorder:
Ø 100mm 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase