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EM-127 | Area Moment & Moment Distribution Apparatus

  • Comparison of different methods to determine the elastic line
  • Statically determinate or indeterminate beam
  • 2 supports with clamp fixing, optionally as articulated support with measurement of angle of inclination or clamp fixing
  • 1 articulated support with force gauge
  • Device to generate a bending moment
  • Dial gauge with generation of moment to measure the angle of inclination
  • Dial gauge to record the deformations of the beam
  • Weights to subject the beam to point loads or moment
  • Weights to determine the clamping moments on the supports with clamp fixings
  • LxWxH: 1170x480x178mm Approx.
  • Weight: approx. 42kg (total)
Technical Specification
Beams are key structural elements in mechanical engineering and in construction which are subject to deformation under load. In the case of a simple beam this deformation can be predicted by various methods, such as the principle of virtual work. The beam under investigation can be supported by different bearing methods. Two supports with clamp fixings and an articulated supports with a force gauge are provided to realize statically determinate or indeterminate systems. The two supports with clamp fixings are provided with dial gauges and can also be used as articulated supports. These dial gauges enable the angle of inclination of the beam to be determined at the support. A third dial gauge records the deflection of the beam at a random point. A device is additionally provided to generate a bending moment at a random point on the beam. A fourth dial gauge records the angle of inclination of the device. The beam is placed under load by weights (point load and coupled forces to generate the bending moment). The clamping moment on the supports can be determined by means of weights. EM-127 | Area Moment & Moment Distribution Apparatus
  • length: 1000mm
  • cross-section: 20x4mm
  • material: steel
  • 7x 1N (hanger)
  • 28x 1N
  • 21x 5N
Measuring ranges
  • force: ±50N, graduation: 1N
  • travel: 0…20mm, graduation: 0,01mm