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EM-119 | Centripital Force Apparatus

Technical Specification
A force sensor measures the centripetal force exerted on a mass as it moves in a circle. A photogate can be used to measure the angular speed. Different masses can be added to the platform and positioned at variable radii. The platform can be driven by a falling mass. The apparatus also accommodates the Vernier Wireless Dynamic Sensor System or Force and Acceleration Sensor to measure force, which provides the best set of data.
This apparatus include the necessary sensors. Here are sensors and combinations of sensors that can be used:
  1. Dual-Range Force Sensor 
The Dual-Range Force Sensor is a general-purpose sensor for measuring pushing and pulling forces. Two ranges allow you to measure forces as small as 0.01 newtons and as large as 50 newtons.
  • ± 10 N Range Resolution: 0.01 N
  • ± 50 N Range Resolution: 0.05 N
  1. Photogate
Photogates allow for extremely accurate timing of events within physics experiments, for studying free fall, air track collisions, pendulum periods, the speed of a rolling object, among other things. The Vernier Photogate includes an accessory rod for mounting to a ring stand.
  • Power required: 5 VDC at 40 mA
  • Infrared source: Peak at 880 nm
  • Dimension: 75 mm gate width
  • Output is high and LED off for unblocked gate
  • Output is low and LED on for blocked gate
  • Beam approximately 9 mm from the end of the gate arms
  • Rectangular Frame
  • Support Legs (2)
  • Rotating Assembly consisting of Rotational Shaft, Encoder Wheel, 3-Step Pulley, Rotating Beam, Bearing Housing
  • Sliding Carriage to hold the test masses
  • Counterbalance Carriage to balance the rotating beam
  • Swivel Assembly (connects Sliding Carriage to a Dual-Range Force Sensor)
  • Ultra Pulley
  • Ultra Pulley Bracket (preinstalled on Assembly)
  • Photogate Bracket with 1/4 x 20 mounting screw (preinstalled on Assembly)
  • Dual-Range Force Sensor Bracket (preinstalled on Assembly)
  • 50 g masses (2)
  • 100 g masses (4)
  • Hook (attaches a Force and Acceleration Sensor to the Sliding Carriage)
  • Mounting Screw and T Nut to secure a Force and Acceleration Sensor
  • User manual
  • Encoder Wheel: 10 spokes
  • Diameters of Pulleys on 3-Step Pulley on Rotational Shaft 20 mm, 29 mm, 48 mm