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EI-100 | Structures Interface Unit

  • Consoles can be daisy chained together
  • Provides power for Load cells
  • Provides data logging and connectivity up to 13 Strain gauges per unit
  • Length: 0.304m
  • Width: 0.260m
  • Height: 0.132m
Technical Specification
The unit is a compact interface unit for the Armfield Structures range which can be placed in a convenient position beside the test equipment. The unit provides direct integration between a compatible structures experiment and the software. Connection to the user’s computer is made through the front mounted USB socket/Wifi. On the clearly defined front panel there are thirteen sockets for connecting strain-gauges, three sockets for connecting 5.4kg load cells and two sockets for connecting 100kg load cells. If required, the number of strain gauge and load cell sockets can be doubled by joining two consoles via the ‘arm BUS Multi Channel’ (ABMC) connection.
Structures Interface Connections
  • Input voltage = 24VDC
  • Strain gauges (SG) X13 Snap-in connectors
  • Load Cell (LC) X3 5.4kg load cells snap-in connectors
  • Load Cell (LC) X2 100kg load cells threaded connectors
  • USB-B connector
  • ABMC connector X1 BUS Multi Channel connection
  • DC jack (to rear)