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EC-203 | Steam Power Plant

  • Demonstration of a steam power plant with a twin-cylinder piston steam engine
  • Gas-fired boiler for steam generation
  • Water-cooled condenser
  • DC generator
  • Light bulbs as electric load consumers
  • Sensors and display for temperature, pressure, flow rate, voltage, and current
  • Safety valve and temperature monitoring for safe operation
  • Computational resource: software system & software for data logging, analysis, and visualization
  • This is a simple design, excellent performance Marine two-cylinder reciprocating steam engine. With the same bore, this steam engine has a smaller and more refined appearance.
  • Precision casting base, surface treatment, long painting time for non-rust property. CNC finishing parts ensure the machine is more precise and reliable, and the unique ladder frame structure increases the torsional resistance of the machine.
  • The joint surface of the cylinder head is sealed with 0.08mm red copper sheet, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. Adopt high hardness beryllium copper as spindle bearing to ensure longer and more stable operation.
  • Oil cup with oil discharge function, side of piston connecting rod is equipped with lubricating oil filling port, each friction surface can get good lubrication, prolong service life.
  • LxWxH: 1700x810x1440mm
  • Weight: approx. 110kg
Technical Specification
In a steam engine, thermodynamic energy in the form of vapour pressure from steam generators is converted into mechanical energy. This can be used further downstream in the process to generate electricity. A steam power plant consists of a heat source for generating steam, a turbine or steam engine with a generator, and a cooling device for condensing the exhaust steam. The main components of a steam power plant: a gas-fired steam boiler, a twin-cylinder piston steam engine with a generator, a condenser, a feed water tank, and a feed water pump. The steam boiler generates water steam and supplies it to the piston steam engine. A piston and a crank mechanism convert the energy from the steam into mechanical energy. A generator in the form of a DC motor generates electricity from the engine. Four to five light bulbs are used as consumers of the resulting electrical energy. The exhaust steam is condensed in a water-cooled condenser. Safe operation is ensured by safety devices that monitor the boiler temperature and a safety valve. Sensors record the temperature, pressure, and flow rate at all relevant points. The measured values can be read on displays. Current and voltage from the generator are measured in the experimental unit.
Main Components
  • Feed water tank
  • Fiberglass LPG Cylinder 10 kgEC-203 | STEAM POWER PLANT
  • Steam Separator
  • Twin Cylinder Steam EngineEC-203 | STEAM POWER PLANT
  • CondenserEC-203 | STEAM POWER PLANT
  • Condensate CollectorEC-203 | STEAM POWER PLANT
  • DC Generator EC-203 | STEAM POWER PLANT
Display parameters
  • Temperatures
  • Guage Pressures
  • Abs. Pressure= Guage Pressure + Atm. Pressure
  • Cooling water volume flow rate
  • Mass flow rate of boiler fuel
  • Mass flow rate of steam/condensate
  • Engine speed
  • Electrical Power
Following operation to be controlled from the main window
  • Water pump
  • Boiler ignition
  • Throttling Control Valve
  • Auto (for load conditions)
  • Manual
  • Electric Load
  1. Engine oil for lubrication of steam engine with lubricating device
  2. LPG filled fiberglass cylinder
  3. Inlet and drain pipes for feed water tank and condenser
  4. Condensate collector
Standards Compliance
  • CE-approved safety features
Steam engine
  • Twin-cylinder
  • Electric power: max. 8W
  • speed: max. 2500min-1
  • DC motor: max. 8W
  • speed: max. 2500min-1
Gas-fired boiler safety valve: 4bar Measuring ranges
  • temperature: 8x -20…200°C
  • pressure: 0…6bar
  • flow rate:
  • 0…110L/h for gas
  • 15…105L/h for water
  • voltage: 0…10VDC
  • current: 0…250mA
380V, 50Hz, 3 phase
  • Size: base 44mm wide, 76mm long, 95mm high + 6mm thick sleepers
  • Cylinder bore: 14.0mm
  • Stroke: 12.0mm
  • Spindle diameter: 5.0mm
  • Spindle center ground height: 17.0mm
  • Operating pressure: 0.05Mpa-0.8Mpa
  • Recommended air pressure: 0.2Mpa-0.6mpa
  • Inlet interface thread: M6-0.5 1/4-40
  • Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 4.8 x 10.1cm
  • Product Weight: 660g