State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

EC-107 | Hydroelectric power Station

  • Pelton turbine, Francis turbine, and Kaplan turbine extend the scope of experiments
  • Experiments on a pump in a closed water circuit with storage tank and flow control valve to adjust the back pressure experiments on turbines: closed water circuit for supplying turbines
  • Pipes and fittings made of PVC
  • AC motor for pump with variable speed via frequency converter
  • Non-contact speed measurement at the turbine shaft and force sensor at the brake for measuring the torque
  • Digital displays for pressures, flow rate, speed, and torque
  • Software for data acquisition
  • LxWxH: 2010x790x1900mm
  • Weight: approx. 230kg
Technical Specification
Turbomachines such as pumps and turbines are energy converters. Turbines convert flow energy into mechanical energy and pumps convert mechanical energy into flow energy. Experiments can be performed on key water turbine designs: Pelton, Francis, and Kaplan turbine, available. The closed water circuit comprises a tank, a standard centrifugal pump with variable speed and a flow control valve to adjust the back pressure. The speed is detected contact-free by means of an inductive displacement sensor on the motor shaft. To determine the drive power, the drive motor is mounted on swivel bearings and equipped with a force sensor to measure the drive torque. Pressures at the inlet and outlet of the pump are measured. The flow rate is measured by means of an electromagnetic flow meter. The measured values are displayed digitally.
  • Standard centrifugal pump
  • Drive motor with variable speed
    • power output:20 W Approx.
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase Pelton turbine
  • output: 5W at 500min-1, approx. 30L/min, H=2m
Pelton wheel
  • 14 blades
  • blade width: 33,5mm
  • external Ø: 132mm
Needle nozzle
  • jet diameter: 10mm
Measuring ranges
  • force: 2x 0…10N
  • pressure: 0…1bar
Francis turbine
  • output: 12W at n=1100min-1, approx. 40L/min, H=8m
  • 7 blades
  • blade width: 5mm
  • external Ø: 50mm
Guide Vanes
  • 6 vanes, adjustable (20 stages)
Measuring ranges
  • force: 2x 0…10N
  • pressure: 0…1,0bar
Kaplan turbine
  • output: approx. 14W at 530min-1, 530L/min
  • max. speed: 1100min-1
  • 5 blades
  • internal Ø: 30mm
  • external Ø: 67mm
  • 8 guide vanes,
Measuring ranges
  • torque: -25…25Nm
  • pressure: 0…4bar abs.
  • speed: 0…4000min-1