State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment

EC-101 | Steam Power Cycle Demonstration Unit

  • Laboratory-sized steam power plant
  • Fully instrumented and computer controlled via USB / Ethernet interface to record / set process parameters and to perform related thermodynamic calculations.
  • To monitor remotely even on your PC/smartphone
  • Real-time display of important parameters and calculation results.
  • Fire-Tube boiler with superheater
  • Steam generation capacity of 5 kg/h at a pressure of at least 5 bar
  • Fuel consumption
  • Power generation
  • Efficiencies for boiler, turbine, condenser heat transfer, and overall plant
  • Heat balance and energy utilization
  • Rankine cycle efficiency
  • LxWxH: 1650x800x1400mm
Technical Specification
This equipment is designed as a modern-day power plant for educational purpose. A pump supplies water from a feed tank to a small fuel fired boiler. The steam is throttled to single stage turbine. Exhaust from the turbine is condensed in a water-cooled condenser. Condensate is collected in a graduated beaker and returned to feed water tank by a pump. A small DC generator is connected to the turbine by a belt, and electrical load is applied. A mechanical dynamometer is provided for measurement of turbine mechanical output. The unit requires outside water supply. Instruments are provided for monitoring and controlling of plant operation and performance as well as for safety. The unit is on a steel frame with adjustable footings. EC-101 | STEAM POWER CYCLE DEMONSTRATION UNIT
SCADA Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition)
EC-101 | STEAM POWER CYCLE DEMONSTRATION UNIT SCADA system fully instrumented and computer controlled via USB / Ethernet interface / WiFi to record / set process parameters and to perform related thermodynamic calculations. The idea of controlling any process variable and supervise possible anomalies offer great advantages if they are compared to manual procedures or process which lack of such technology. Besides, the experiments are carried out more effectively. The final result reliability is much higher without doubt, therefore the work done by the researcher possess a higher credibility. SCADA applications contain large number of tools which are useful particularly to the research and the studied area such as Analyzing Data in detail once the experimental process has concluded, controlling the automatically the experiments or recording the events while the tests are performed.
Data Storage:
The data are stored in a data base either in file format supported by third party software. The data can be represented both numeric format or graphic format like their trends and distributions independently the way it is used. As being available for the users anytime allows different tests to be compared and reach conclusion more truthful.
Control Algorithm:
The control algorithm codification about the process offers uncountable interesting points compared to manual actions. The parameters can be controlled as in the case of any hardware element programmatically and with total independency of SCADA architecture used. Not only saving time is achieved but it is perfected over the implemented methodology and major exhaustive control for variables which are take part of the experimental process.
 Warning and Alarms:
Warning and alarms during tests add great value, especially, to avoid industrial machines are damaged, as case of the individual are exposed to hazard situations. They are great benefit too because they allow to monitor the variables status which are subjected without physical presence exits.  
  • Type: Equivalent evaporation: 5 Kg/h steam
  • Boiler Accessories: Steam separator, feed pump, condenser, safety valve, water level guage & low level alarm, thermocouples, throttling calorimeter and pressure guage.
  • Fuel: LPG
  • Feed Water Tank: Stainless steel with level guage
  • Steam Engine: Twin cylinder reciprocating
  • Power Output Measurement: Prony (Mechanical) brake dynamometer + DC generator
  • Condenser: Shell and tube type
  • Safety Features: High pressure, high temperature, Turbine speed limit alarm and auto cutoff. Emergency switch
  • Temperature Measurement: 8 x thermocouple
  • Flow Measurement: 1 x gas flow sensor, 2 x water flow sensor
  • Pressure Measurement: 3 x Pressure transducer
  • Speed Measurement: 2 x Photoelectric speed sensors
  • Torque Measurement: 1 x Load cell
  • Current & Voltage Measurement: volt and Amp meter
  • Electrical Load: LED bulbs
  • Mechanical Load: 5 x 1kg, 2 x 0.5kg