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TH-3011.01 | Single Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor, Computer Controlled

* Length: 900 mm.
* Width: 800 mm.
* Height: 1510 mm.
* Weight: 130 kg
Technical Specification
The generation of compressed air for industrial and commercial purposes in areas where compressed air is used as a source of energy requires what are known as compressed air generation plants. A central part of these systems is the compressor. It is responsible for generating a pressure increase of the air by means of mechanical energy. Compressed air generation plants are used to power machines in the mining industry, for pneumatic control systems in assembly facilities or as tyre inflation units at petrol stations. The single-stage piston compressor and the drive unit together form a complete compressed air generation system. The drive unit powers the compressor by means of a V-belt. The speed of the compressor is set on HM. The air is sucked into the intake vessel,


  •  16bar.
  • Volume: 20L.
  • Intake vessel: 20L.
  • Measuring ranges
  • Temperature: 1x 0…200°C / 1x 0…100°C.
  • Pressure: 0…16bar / -1…1bar.
  • Flow rate: 0…150L/min.
  • Speed: 0…1000min-1


The parts of circuit diagram of Single Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor is given bellows such as:
  • Measuring Nozzle.
  • Intake Vessel.
  • Piston Compressor.
  • Solenoid Valve.
  • Pressure Switch.
  • Pressure Vessel.
  • Safety Valve.
  • Blow off valve with silencer.
  • Non Return Valve.
  • “P” for Pressure, “T” for Temperature,”PD” for Differential Pressure “n” for speed and”Md” for Torque.
  • Setup and operating behavior of a compressed air generation system with single-stage piston compressor.
  • Determination of the characteristic curve.
  • Determination of the volumetric efficiency.
  • Determination of the mechanical efficiency.


  • 1 trainer.
  • 1 set of instructional material.
Where it settles before it is compressed inside the compressor. The compressed air is then delivered to a pressure vessel and is available as a working medium. To set a steady flow operating mode, the compressed air can be discharged over a blow-off valve with a silencer. A pressure switch with a solenoid valve for limiting the pressure and a safety valve complete the system. A measuring nozzle at the intake vessel is used to
  • Investigation of a driven machine for compressed air generation.
  • Single-stage piston compressor with one cylinder.
  • Drive and speed adjustment via
  • Intake vessel with measuring nozzle for determination of the suction volumetric flow rate.
  • Intake vessel and pressure vessel, both with pressure sensor and additional manometer.
  • Safety valve and pressure switch with solenoid valve for limiting the pressure.
  • Blow-off valve with silencer for setting a steady flow operating mode.
  • Pressure and temperature sensors in front of and behind the compressor.
  • Digital display for air flow rate, temperatures, pressures, differential pressures and compressor speed.
  • Compressor, 1 cylinder, single-stage
  • Power consumption: 750W.
  • Nominal speed: 980min-1
  • Positive operating pressure: 8bar.
  • Pressure: 10bar.
  • Intake capacity: 150L/min at 8bar.
  • Bore hole: 65mm.
  • Stroke: 46mm.
  • Safety valve: 10bar.
  • Pressure vessel


determine the suction volumetric flow rate. Sensors record the pressures and temperatures in front of and behind the compressor.The pressure is also displayed on manometers in the tanks. The measured values are read from digital displays and can be transmitted simultaneously via USB directly to a PC, where they can be analyzed using the software included. The speed and torque measurement is integrated.