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SM-201 | Cantiliver Beam Apparatus

  • Sturdy, compact bench top unit
  • Three test beams supplied as standard 360° adjustment in one degree increments
  • Free end deflection measured relative to its fixed end
  • Shear Centre part of standard arrangement
  • Full set of weights and hangers supplied
  • Table-top experiment for general and unsymmetrical bending of straight beams
  • Three beams of L, U, and rectangular cross-section
  • Eccentricity of load application point adjustable
  • Length: 700 mm
  • Width: 350 mm
  • Height: 400 mm
  • Weight: 26 kg
Technical Specification
This apparatus allows the vertical and horizontal deflections of the free end of a test specimen to be measured when loading occurs along a principle axis or at a known angle. A solid compact base holds a rigid vertical end support for the clamping of three cantilevers. Each cantilever can be attached into the rigid support via a chuck, which allows angular adjustment of the specimens. The chuck also creates a rigid end fixing for the cantilevers when under test. The angular orientation of the specimens can be read off using the integral angular scale. Three test cantilevers are supplied, in the form U, L and rectangular. The free end of the cantilever has vertical point loads applied using hangers and weight. The free end movement is measured using digital deflection indicators, which have their anvils resting on a cantilever boss. The cantilever boss allows for offset point loading for shear center work using the attachment supplied. A framework holds the digital indicators relative to the rigid end of the cantilever to ensure accurate deflection measurement. The zero point of each indicator can be accurately set using the stands available.
  • Rectangular specimen: 500(L) x 20(W) x 10(H) mm (approx.)
  • L specimen: 500(L) x 25.4(L) x 25.4(W) x 3.175(t) mm (approx.)
  • U specimen: 500(L) x 21(L) x 40(H) x 5(t) mm (approx.)
  • Protractor scale: 360°, 5° increments
  • 2x Dial gauge; 12.7mm travel, zero function
  • 2x Hanger
  • 8 x Weights 5N
  • Manual