State-of-the-art Engineering Equipment
  • This is a simple design, excellent performance Marine two-cylinder reciprocating steam engine. With the same bore, this steam engine has a smaller and more refined appearance.
  • Precision casting base, surface treatment, long painting time for non-rust property. CNC finishing parts ensure the machine is more precise and reliable, and the unique ladder frame structure increases the torsional resistance of the machine.
  • The joint surface of the cylinder head is sealed with 0.08mm red copper sheet, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. Adopt high hardness beryllium copper as spindle bearing to    ensure longer and more stable operation.

LxWxH: 1700x810x1440mm
Weight: approx. 110kg

Technical Specification

Steam engine

  • Twin-cylinder
  • Electric power: max. 8W
  • speed: max. 2500min-1


  • DC motor: max. 8W
  • speed: max. 2500min-1

Gas-fired boiler

safety valve: 4bar

Measuring ranges

  • temperature: 8x -20…200°C
  • pressure: 0…6bar
  • flow rate:
  • 0…110L/h for gas
  • 15…105L/h for water
  • voltage: 0…10VDC
  • current: 0…250mA


380V, 50Hz, 3 phase